Cape Town, South Africa


Beautiful scenery in the mother city of Cape Town. One of the seven wonders in the world…Isn’t it just beautiful.


Well I’ve celebrated my birthday on Saturday, and what a way to spend my day. I went on the Cape Wheel for the first time and what an experience it was. Most definitely one I’ll never forget. The view from up above…. it’s the most spectacular view I’ve seen.

Spending your special day with family and friends is probably the best birthday gift anyone could ask for.




50 Things that makes me happy

Recently I was nominated by Nihaad, Author of the little blog stuff to complete a fun little challenge to list 50 things that makes me happy. Well this is the first time I’m being nominated for anything let alone a blog challenge. But I’m super excited – I really hope you enjoy reading. 

1- My family

2- Friends

3- Laughing- just to laugh out loud for no particular reason

4- Singing- well mostly to myself

5- My Aunts home made food- there’s just nothing like a home cooked meal

6- Coffee- just love strong black sweet coffee

7- Watching my favourite series, that being NCIS of course

8- Taking long walks in the beach watching the sun set

9- Doing something out of the ordinary

10- Listening to my favourite song

11- Watching action movies

12- Chocolate- just makes me feel better

13- Being on Facebook hahaha

14- Long drives with my family

15- Coming home after a long day at work

16- Silly jokes with my brothers and sisters

17- Getting a gift even when its not your birthday

18- Taking selfies – lol I’m a selfie queen

19- Eid mornings with family and friends ( not forgetting lunch)

20- The smell of new books

21- Shoes

22- Bags

23- When my tablet is fully charged

24- A hot shower

25- Having fun at work – never a dull moment

26- Laughing so much until my stomach hurts

27- Pay day – hehehehe

28- The smell of perfume

29- Feeling the sand between my toes

30- Chick flicks

31- When a baby smiles at me

32- Sleep – I just love to sleep

33- Me time

34- Gift shopping for someone else

35- Free WiFi

36- Lip balm

37- My religion

38- Drinking Water

39- Camping in Langebaan along the west coast

40- Stalking- Instagram stalking don’t you just love it

41- My best friend

42- Playing with my hair

43- Playing criminal mind

44- Baking

45- Swimming

46- listening to my favourite radio station Smile 90.4fm

47- Fast cars

48- A man in a suite

49- Power naps

50- Traveling

I did it guys! My 50 things that makes me happy. I had so much fun writing this. Thanks again to Nihaad, Author of The little blog stuff . 


And this is why

FB_IMG_1439044678604 These are the kids that makes my day everyday. They just make my day everyday. Being a teacher for these little minions just makes my job effortless. They steal your heart with their beautiful smiles, their puppy eyes, and their loving hearts. FB_IMG_1439044918175 Being a teacher means doing things with them… Well I mean look at me with a snake around my neck, scared out my boots here but had to put on a brave face for my little minions. At the end its all about them enjoying themselves… And yes they sure did… laughing at me with a snake around my neck.

My fun filled life as a teacher



I’ve been sitting three nights in a row thinking what to write about, but each time I start typing my mind for some reason goes blank.

I’ve been reading so much blogs, reading quotes, searching the net hoping to find something that I could eventually use to finish my blog. Then it struck me…I searched threw all my previous picture’s in my gallary and I realized you are your own person, you are unique in your own way. I focused on my strengths as an individual and being inspired by just one of many happy moments in my life… I have my own life story, nobody else has read one like mine….but you have your own inspirational story to tell the world about.

I always tell myself despite having ups and downs in my life…I remember I have wonderful memories which always puts a smile on my face. So if you feel unmotivated go back to those unforgettable memories that will definitely turn your frown into a smile.

Someone out there might be reading this and is feeling inspired already like I have before writing my little piece if inspiration. I hope I have inspired many people out there in this beautiful world. Remember you are unique in your own special way and there is no-one like you.


The minions in my life

Are you passionate about the things you do in ur life?

Well I have been for the six years if not more….My reason for starting this blog is quite simple I have been a ECD (educare) teacher practically all my life. That how passionate i am about teaching.

As a teacher i have come to realize that teaching is one of the most important things in ones life especially in the lives of those little ones. For they have bright futures ahead of them. They might not see it now but they are our future presidents, doctors, nursers, firemen, policeman to mention a few. Believe me these kids have thought about it all. They have vivid imaginations at the their tender age of two and three years. I remember asking one of my little ones what they would like to be when they grow up? To my surprise she tell me teacher I would like to become a beauty therapist….I mean who would of thouht at the age of three right?!

I speak for all teachers by saying we are not only just teachers, we are parents aswell to those little ones during the day for a few hours. While parents attend their dailly jobs for yes bills has to paid, kids need to fed, and of course bonds needs to be paid.

Thats just the way life goes. 

Sometimes one think that being a teacher is easy. Well let me tell you it has its ups and downs, and its candy and ice-creams too. Therefore if you love doing the things you do, then its the easiest thing to do. So as a teacher ( passionate about adorable little minions) i would be blogging my some what silly yet life changing thoughts.

For the love of teaching